Milo of Croton

The myths of Milo have been inspiring athletes, including yours truly, for thousands of years. Below are some resources on the Milo stories, and an overview of my posts on the gentleman from Crete.


Classical Stories of Milo — a page where I’ve collected public domain translations of some of classical world’s stories of Milo.

Contemporary Takes on Milo – a page collecting scholarly and popular pieces on Milo.

Milo: Brains versus Brawn — Some quick thoughts on Milo’s place in the brains versus brawn dichotomy.

Representations of Milo in Art – Some of my thoughts on representations of the Milo myths through the ages.

Milo’s place in the history of strength training.  – The myth of milo is big with swole bros on forums… and also with the early innovators of modern strength training.



8 Responses to Milo of Croton

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  3. James says:

    Dear Sir, do you know where this image drawing with the three sizes originated from? thanks James

  4. Brad Rudner says:

    Hi Sean,
    Can I use this image on my blog?

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