The Jock Roll

A list of fitness blogs, websites, instagram accounts, facebook groups, etc. organized by country and within the U.S. by state, with a short description.  I try to monitor this page for dead links, but if you see one, or if you’d like to see your project included here, email me at miloandthecalf <at> gmail

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.


Beaches Runner – Running, Training, Travelling, Sharing

United States


The Running Fat Guy – Glen’s blog about running and life.

Meg Runs! – Mom, Wife, Grandma, Teacher…on a mission to another marathon!



BQ by Forty – The story of a runner trying to make a BQ and blogging about the experience

Peak Mind – A great resource for climbing the Colorado 14ers.

Run Spittle – Entertaining blog from a runner about to hit 100,000 lifetime miles!

Bobby Elsinger – Instagram account for a runner who inspired me to include instagram accounts on this page


Keith’s Running Life – The ups and downs of a 60 year old with a passion for running.

Not Allergic to Adventure  – World class ultra runner Sabrina Moran’s very funny blog.


Discombobulated Running – A girl looking for a good run, good friends, and a good time.


Periodical What in the Jehu – Running and triathlon blog by BQ(Q) respondent Paul G


All the Runners Run – Joe’s thoughts on running, life and faith


The Hobbbyjogger Chronicles – Mike G’s funny and thoughtful ruminations on running

Marathon George – Stories about Running, Training, Marathons and a Big Black Dog

Phedippidations – The website for the very popular running podcast


Happy Feet 26.2 – A 40 something year old runner who still has big running dreams and goals, and a lot to say about that and other things.

New Jersey

Sneakers and Books – Great blog on running, reading and faith written by another lawyer/runner.

New York

Blog Runner – I am not the fastest runner. I am not an endless runner either. I don’t win races anymore. I am not famous either. But I am happy. I run.

Brooklyn Goil in New Paltz – My friend Carolyn’s great blog about living the climber’s dream in upstate New York.  Highly recommended.

Happy Life Happy Wife – Website of Alex a wife, runner, cook, football fanatic, celebrity gossip addict, pescatarian, scotch drinker and puppy lover.

Long Distance Voyager – Phil McCarthy is one of the best ultra runners on the East Cost, this is his very informative with great posts about running the bridges of New York.

Brooklyn Running – A blog devoted to all things related to running in Brooklyn.

Movement Movement – Great website on fitness and progressive activism, run by a dear friend and workout partner.

One Man’s Obsession – Running blog by runningahead regular Greg Rowe

Run Like A Cave Girl –  A great blog about running and the paleo lifestyle from another Brooklyn based runner


Run the Long Road – Blog by marathoner, ultramarathoner, and coach Kristy

Rhode Island

Frayed Laces Racing– Great website by a  “graduate student with a triathlon problem”

South Carolina

Chasing the Kenyans – Running blog by the great blogger Lindsay.


Logic of Long Distance – Connecting Running and Philosophy

Old Man Mid-Pack Runner – Grand Masters runner chasing a sub 3:00 marathon or a sub 18:50 5k. (an old man can dream, right)

Dirk Hayes – Grand Masters runner chasing a sub 3:00 marathon or a sub 18:50 5k. (an old man can dream, right)


Tricia Minnick – A lover of pizza & beer. Love running except when I don’t.

Washington, D.C.

Beastskills – Jim Bathurst’s excellent website and blog on adult gymnastics, bodyweight exercises and more.

Washington State

26dot2 With Toddler – A stay at home dad training for 26.2


A Big Horse – Michael H’s great blog on training and racing.


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  4. Nice list of running blogs. Thanks for putting that together.

  5. You might want to add people’s Instagram accounts. Blogging, although still alive in some circles, is going the way of the dodo bird.

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