Friday Inspiration – Skinny Dude Climbing v16

Speaking of skinny dudes, check out this amazing video of Adam Ondra* climbing two different V16 routes:

For those keeping track at home, Ondra is 5′ 11″, weighs a whooping 128 pounds and is all of twenty years old.  As is obvious from this video, he is among the best climbers in the world.  What he is does shares about as much similarity with what I do as playoff baseball shares with a summer softball league.*  These routes are all but impossible for mere mortals.  Look at the holds on the second problem,  Gioia, they’re like razor blades.

Insane, but inspiring.

To see someone as good as Ondra struggle and fight to send a problem shows us that no matter how good you get, it never gets easy.  I’ll keep that, and Ondra’s tenacity, in mind when I’m working the v3s this weekend.

*Go Dodgers!

Friday Inspiration – Limits?

There must be some limit to what we can do.  Surely our ability to run fast or climb hard has some outer edge beyond which the laws of physics will not allow us to go.  Whatever that is, we haven’t reached it yet.

This week, Adam Ondra set a new standard in sport climbing by sending the route “Change” in the Hanshelleren Cave in Norway.  It is now tentatively rated as the world’s first 5.15c.  No video of the send (at least not yet) but here is Ondra working the problem last year:


You’ve got to love Ondra’s screams.

Want more evidence of the seemingly endless ability of human’s to push the boundaries?  Here’s Patrick Makau setting marathon world record with a time of 2:03:38 at the 2011 Berlin Marathon.


Now, I’ll never climb a 5.15; never mind a 5.15c.  And I’ll never run a sub 2:30, never mind a sub 2:10, but these incredible feats do remind me that I can do more.