Review: Levy’s Nothing Serious

This review (and the dozen or so others I’ve posted tonight) are all from a now long defunct livejournal and have been only minimally edited.
Nothing Serious
Justine Levy
Justine Levy is Bernard-Henri Levi’s daughter. This is her novel about life with a famous father she worships and how all her boyfriends both hate and want to be her father and how none of them can win her love like her father can.

It is basically crap. When I realize I have read things like this, sometimes I wonder about myself.

Not Recommended.

Review: Levy’s Who Killed Daniel Pearl

Who Killed Daniel Pearl?
Bernard Henri Levi

Levy is an ass. Frankly, I have no idea why I thought reading this book was going to be a good idea. Perhaps it was worth the five hours or so it took to knock this one out, just so I know never to read anything by this guy again, even if it is about issues and a part of the world that I would generally be very interested in.

This would have been a good book if he had stuck to an investigative narrative of what happened to Daniel Pearl and stayed away from philosophizing about the nature of the Islamic extremist soul and/or crowing about how brave/moral he is. Horrible book written by a horrible person.

Not recommended.