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  • Burfoot On Training for Boston

    In mid-March my Wesleyan track team took a spring training trip to Quantico, Virginia. With Boston a month away, I wanted to pile on the miles. The first morning, I was up early for a 17 miler. That afternoon I talked my teammate Bill Rodgers (yes that Bill Rodgers) into joining me for what promises […]

  • Seventies Hero: Bill Rodgers

    I am fascinated by the seventies.  Perhaps that is because I just missed it.  Being born in 1975 I saw the decade in reflection from the much less interesting eighties.  I am fascinated by the music, the art, the fashion and the rebirth of recreational fitness culture in America.  The seventies was when everything we […]

  • 70s Hero Bill Rodgers

    A couple of weeks ago, a friend forward me the outrageous and funny weightlifting site 70sbig (warning – sexism abounds on this site). The site is basically an ode to getting really big to be able to lift heavier weights. It’s funny, and I love the motif of 70s weightlifters. Anyway, 70s big got me […]