Friday Inspiration: Two Great Climbers

Last weekend was my first time at the climbing gym in well over a month.  I was a little rusty, but happy to discover that I hadn’t lost all my fitness.  I’ll be back there on Sunday, slowly working my way back up to the level I was at this fall.  I’m involved in a lot of different physical pursuits, but climbing is perhaps the one that is the most pure fun for me.

Running can feel like work, push ups can feel like work, but climbing always feels like play.

This week, I found two interesting videos, one of Daniel Woods failing to complete a boulder problem at the unified bouldering championships in 2010, and one of Chris Sharma completing the same problem.  Fascinating to watch these two incredible climbers tackle the same problem.  Pay special attention to Woods incredible save.  That he can hold onto that sloper blows my mind.  I’ll never be that good – but that doesn’t mean I can’t be better than I currently am.