Training Totals – 10-25-09

Recap – Though my running numbers are still nowhere near the level of respectable, I feel good about the training I have been able to do this week, both on the road and in the gym, and I am going to return to the longer form training summary.

This week felt good. I lifted and rowed for the first time in forever which felt really good. As of now, with the mileage being so low, I think I have time to fit in a fair amount of cross training, and I hope in the coming couple of months to get in a lot of rowing and bodyweight work along with some limited weight training.

I have some big plans for how to stay fit (and hopefully lose a couple of pounds) here in the last months of 2009. I’ll be posting more about that in the near future.

Training numbers for the week ending 10.25.09

This week’s training numbers are brought to you by my beloved 6.5 mile Rock Creek Park loop.

Weekly Data:

Average Weight – 188

Running Miles: 12.5 miles in 1:53:30 hours

Row Meters: 5,000 (3.1 miles) in 23:45

Weight Training and Bodyweight work: sets of push ups, pull ups, dips, crunches, dead lifts, squats and overhead presses in a total of ~ 1:15:00

Total exercise time: ~3:31:15

Next Week’s Goals:

1. Increase run mileage by ~10% to 13.5

2. Increase row total to 7,000 meters

3. Do body weight work three days