Tag: fiction by women

  • Cline’s The Girls

    The Girls Emma Cline A novel about a cult leader, very much like Manson, and a woman, very much like Susan Atkins, who befriend / seduce a very young teenage girl and bring her into the dark side of the post-summer of love hippie land. Our hero, the very young teenage girl (Evie) is lost, […]

  • Review: Palmer’s Seven Surrenders

    Seven Surrenders Ada Palmer The second book in Ada Palmers incredible Terra Ignota series. This one picks off exactly where Too Like the Lightning ended, and moves along at a blistering clip through scores of plot revelations, and extended explorations into the nature of gender, the place of violence in society, the complexities of competing […]

  • Roy’s God of Small Things

    The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy I read the God of Small Things almost fifteen years ago, so let’s be honest, my memory is a bit hazy. I remember being blown away that it was a first novel, but in hindsight, that may have been naïve. Its complex narrative structure, following twins in two […]

  • Proulx’s The Shipping News

    The Shipping News, E. Annie Proulx I read the Shipping News in 1997 when I was twenty-two years old. It is hard to articulate now the effect it had on me. It’s moving, its beautiful, and it’s the first time I self-consciously realized I was reading a literary novel. I’d read other serious novels before, […]

  • Review: Yanagihara’s The People in the Trees

    The People in the Trees Hanya Yanagihara If not the best novel I read this year, among them. Super-duper icky and disturbing, but deeply compelling story of a scientist who travels to a remote pacific island and finds a substance that can allows those who eat it to live forever. Basically (and intentionally), a b-movie plot […]

  • Review: Bennett’s Pond

    Pond Claire-Louise Bennett Smarter minds than mine loved this book. A sort of stream of conscious narration of the life of a women in a small (Irish?) village. The book is often funny, and at times beautiful. The writing is excellent, with complex sentences that are perfectly structured, and the observances of the details of […]

  • Palmer’s Too Like the Lightning

    Too Like The Lightning Ada Palmer Too Like the Lightning is a strange book. At times, it is a difficult book. It is also a very, very good book. A work of science fiction, for sure (we’ve got flying cars, people) it’s also much more than that. It’s an attempt to transport enlightenment ideas about […]

  • Review: Saawadi’s Woman At Point Zero

    Woman at Point Zero Nawal El Saawadi A novel based on Saadawi’s interviews with a n imprisoned psychiatric patient, Women at Point Zero is important, deeply moving and horrific. I’m not going to lie to you, this one isn’t easy to get through. Saadawi’s protagonist life is an unending series of horrors committed against either […]

  • Review: Older’s Infomocracy

    Infomocracy Malka Older A science fiction political thriller novel about elections. Meaning, a book written precisely for me. In the future, elections are done on a hyper-local level with major parties looking to piece together large numbers of small districts to achieve global parties. The system is run by a disinterested google-like corporation (Information) determined […]

  • Review: Offill’s Dept of Speculation

    Dept. of Speculation Jennifer Offill Beautifully written little gem of a book about marriage, kids, and betrayal. This is basically a book about a privileged Brooklyn intellectuals and their domestic problems. i.e. it is about me and my friends. Generally, I avoid this kind of stuff. As a rule, Brooklyn writers writing about Brooklyn writers […]