62 day challenge Day 8: Easy monday

Day 8 done, 54 days to go.

Reflection: I’m starting to really like Monday nights. 3 miles, very easy, on the treadmill then push-ups, some light weight lifting, and some stretching. All very easy, all very enjoyable. Reminds me why I love the gym.

Eating is going… ok. I find the fruit in the morning a struggle and am caving to my comfort food, chips, way too often. Time to change that.


Daily Weight 178.2 (weight, why you no move?)
Breakfast ½ avocado, 1 bananna, 1 apple
Lunch Pret nori sandwich, bag of chips, diet coke
Dinner Chicken curry with white rice. One beer
Run: 3 miles in 36:13
Bike: 0
Swim: 0
Strength/ Flexibility: 15:00
100 push-ups (20,20,10,20,15,10,5)
Total Exercise Time(day/week) ~00:50:00/00:50:00
Mediation: 5:00
Steps (goal/actual) 13134/15154

62 Day Challenge Day 3: Barely squeaking by

This is late. Get used to it.

Reflection:  At about noon, I realized I was going to be working late, so I started doing loops around the office and after the place started to clear out about 6:30, I started doing push-ups next to my desk. When it was time to leave, at about 8 pm, I walked to the further subway station. It was a gorgeous night. Steps and push-ups got done. Barely, but they got done. No other exercise though, which is going to put some pressure on the ten hours goal. Still time to make it up.

Day 3 done, 59 days to go.

Daily Weight 179.2
Breakfast ½ an avocado; bowl of strawberries, random melon and pineapple during staff meeting
Lunch Pret’s nori wrap, bag of chips, diet coke
Dinner Chicken with broccoli, white rice, 2 dumplings, one beer
Run: 0
Bike: 0
Swim: 0
Strength/ Flexibility: 5:00
100 push-ups (20,10,20,20,20,10).
Total Exercise Time(day/week) ~1:06:00/2:00:00
Meditation: 5:00
Steps (goal/actual) 12416/12592