Review: Pelacanos The Night Gardner

The Night Gardener
George Pelacanos
As you probably know, most of the writers for the Wire are actually accomplished crime novelists including Denis Lehane, Richard Price and this guy, George Pelacanos.

Pelacanos made his name in crime circles writing hardboiled detail rich police procedurals taking place in Washington, D.C. This is the first book by him I have read, but I can feel an obsession coming on. What we have hear is well written detective story that turns out not to be a detective story at all (telling you more than that will ruin it). Pelacanos does an excellent job of capturing the fucked up racial and class shit that goes on in this city, and backs it up with an excellent knowledge of the history of go-go and the Washington Redskins.

This isn’t as smart or as complicated as the Wire (but then again, what is?), but it is still pretty goddamn good.

Recommended for the enthusiast.