18 weeks

Still here, still running. I had a rough couple of weeks at the beginning of the month. I got very sick (the less spoken about this the better) and then super busy at work. I ran some, but not much. I lost some fitness, but not much. I’m back at it now and feeling pretty good.


My fall marathon plan officially began this week and so far, so good. I’m doing a slightly modified version of the Pfitzinger 18/70 plan. I plan to hit the mileage goals, but do slightly fewer workouts because, well, I get hurt a lot when I push the work outs. I’m really hoping that I can go the next 18 weeks without injury and crush it in Hartford. We’ll see.

Not this year.

Thank you for applying for the ING New York City Marathon 2009. Unfortunately, you were not selected in the lottery drawing. Please understand that we have to limit the size of the field to ensure a top-quality experience.
Well, that’s that. I am not running New York this year, looks like I’ll be doing the Hartford Marathon after all.