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  • 100 Days of Milo: Day 25 — Hebrew

    We’re 1/4 of the way done with this stupid 100 days of Milo idea. Still a long way to go! Today’s featured page continues our focus on Judaism with a resource page for learning Biblical Hebrew something I really need to refocus on in 2016 as my son ups his own language acquisition. I’ve got […]

  • 2013 Goals – Hebrew

    I’ve saved for my final goals post the most challenging one I have this year – getting a handle on Hebrew.  I’ve written before about my challenges with languages in general, and with Hebrew in particular.  Its been a hard road.  In attempting to learn this language I’ve set many a goal, and have failed […]

  • The Books I Read in 2012

    Attention conservation notice: this post is long and has nothing to do with working out.  I have kept a list of every book I have read I have read since I was thirteen years old.  Yeah, obsessive record keeping didn’t start with my running log.  Below is a list of every book I read this […]

  • A Plan for the Holidays

    Eighty hour works weeks, buying a condo, traveling for the holidays. Excuses, excuses, excuses.  E-fucking-nough.  I’ve got to get a regular running and studying routine going, and its got to happen now.  To help that along I’m taking a page from Runners World and doing a little holiday streak challenge.  I’m committing to running and […]

  • A Hebrew Update

    In yet another attempt to keep on task regarding my Hebrew study, I’m going to update the study once a week. It’s been rough, as many of you noted, doing this on my own is difficult.  This week I managed half an hour, bringing my sad, sad total for the year to 35.5 hours.  That […]

  • Studying in Public: Keeping My Nose in the Books on the High Holidays

    One of the leading scholars of the Dead Sea Scrolls prays at a modern orthodox synagogue I have attended on occasion.*  While he prays, he keeps open before him a number of books – midrashim on the Torah and Talmud, I believe.  When there is a break in the service, he turns to his other […]

  • A Hebrew Study Plan

    While there have been some ups and downs in my fitness training recently, I think all in all things are going well.  My running is pain free, the climbing is getting better, and I’m losing weight.  All good news.  Hebrew study however has been disastrous.  I go on short binges where I am diligent, and […]

  • Learning Hebrew

    Generally, a classical education in the western sense begins with Latin.  The languages use of roman characters, status as the grandfather of the romance languages,  and deep influence on English all make it much easier to lean than, say, Greek.  My father knows Latin; my wife studied it and can still conjugate the occasional verb, […]