Milo and the Wolves

There is another story about Milo that is worth remembering.  Milo is walking in the forest when he came upon a tree whose trunk was split down the middle.  To show his strength, Milo places his hands in the split of the tree and attempts to split the tree in two.  He is, however, not strong enough and his hands are caught in the tree.  Unable to escape, he is eaten by wolves.

Milo, attacked by wolves.

What happened to the modesty of the young man who knew he had to start with the calf before he could carry the bull?  Was he blinded by his own strength?  Did he think that now since he was the Milo, champion wrestler, that there was nothing he could not do?

Hubris – I know it well. I’ve been plagued by running injuries for the last year, one right after the other, and the cause of them all is pretty simple – thinking I could do more.  If I had been more modest in my running, I wouldn’t be laid up with this case of PF right now.  But I wasn’t modest — I was greedy.  I wanted more. That drive for more is what keeps me working out, but it is also what is always getting in me in trouble. Balance, always so hard to find.