Friday Inspiration: Pre

This hasn’t been the best week running wise for me. I’m battling this bruising in my foot, plus a cold. All around, not great. But I’m still getting in some of the mile, and I still have a 18 mile long run planned for this weekend.  We’ll see how this goes.

To get me pumped, I just watched this awesome vintage footage of running legend Steve Prefontaine. Love Pre’s aggresion in his running… he died far too young.

Friday Inspiration

This week was the Boston Marathon. Robert K Cheruiyot won it in a new course record of 2:05:52; Teyba Erkesso won the women’s field in 2:26:11. Here’s a clip of the finishes, Teyba Erkesso’s win is by far the more dramatic.

For some reference, I ran a fifteen mile training run last sunday in 2:19:00, at a 9:16 pace. Cheruiyot’s new record was run at an average pace of around five minutes per mile. Dude is fast.

Someday, I am going to run Boston. Not in 2:05 of course, but I am going to run it. Training runs like the twenty miler I have planned for Sunday are what is going to get me there. Just you wait, sometime within the next five years, I’ll be toeing the line in Boston. I promise.

Friday Inspiration

So this has been a bit of a bummer week for me. Its been raining nonstop in D.C. for  days and I have missed two of my scheduled runs. Plus, I didn’t get in to New York as I had hoped. But today is a new day and with a twelve mile long run scheduled for tomorrow, I need to get excited. I figured this week’s long run inspiration should have something to do with the Marathon I am running in October, the Hartford Marathon in my hometown of Hartford Connecticut.  Not a lot of videos out there on this race, but here is one that’ll give you the feel of this smaller and cozier regional race.

Good luck to everyone out there on your runs this weekend!

Friday Inspiration

Getting back in the habit of posting some inspiration videos for your weekend long run. Here’s Ryan Hall and Sara Hall just killing a hill in training camp. Get out there and go long this weekend!

Weekend Longrun Inspiration

I am going to make this a weekly thing here at JTD, a video to inspire everyone (myself included) to get out there this weekend and get their long run in.

Our first video is top US marathoners Josh Cox and Ryan Hall going 31 miles long through Mammoth California. Check out the economy of their form…and the very hip no shirt arm warmer look.

Extra credit if you can read the tattoo under Josh’s arm.