Friday Inspiration – The Long Run

My road to recovery continues.  I’ll be running my first legitimate “long” this weekend – twelve miles of Brooklyn adventure.  I’m really looking forward to it.  When I think of long run videos, I always return to this one of Ryan Hall and Josh Cox from back in the day when they both ran in Mammoth Lakes.  Hall and Cox run together for an hour and forty five minutes, then Cox continues on, doing a ten minute fartlek and another hour twenty on his own for a total of 31 miles.  All to a great Johnny Cash sound track.  Good stuff for running nerds.

At the end there’s some footage of Cox reciting poetry which I could do without.  I’d just go ahead and skip that.

Side note for the ancient language nerds – the  tattoo in Hebrew on Josh Cox’s side are the Hebrew letters yod, hey, vav, and hey -one of the names for God.  The tattoo in Greek, I am told, is meant to read “Jesus” but is in fact slightly misspelled.

The Return of Friday Inspiration

Spring is in the air and I am inspired and ready to take things to the next level, and so I am restarting the Friday inspiration series where I post running videos to get stoked for the weekends long run.

Today’s video is one I have posted before, but something about this video of Ryan Hall and Josh Cox just sticks in my mind. Maybe it’s the Johnny Cash song and how well the lyrics match the stoicism and fatalism of long distance running. Maybe it is Josh and Ryan’s easy stride as they knock out mile after mile on a sub six pace. Maybe it is the gorgeous scenery. I dare you to watch this video and not want to go for a run.