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  • Nelson’s The Red Parts

    The Red Parts: A Memoir of a Trial Maggie Nelson Maggie Nelson wrote a book called Jane: A Murder about the brutal murder of her aunt allegedly by a serial killer who was targeting women in Michigan in the late seventies. As she was finalizing the book, and getting ready to go on a book […]

  • Nelson’s Jane: A Murder

    Jane: A Murder Maggie Nelson Maggie Nelson is one of my favorite writers. Her book the Argonauts knocked me on my ass. Its still one of my go-to gift books. I’ve read almost everything she has written and honestly, you can’t go wrong. But if you want to start somewhere really excellent, I suggest the […]

  • Review: Nelson’s Bluets

    Bluets Maggie Nelson A meditation on blue, sorta, but also a inquiry into love, life and theory. This is clearly a precursor to the Argonauts. There’s a similar style and tone, moving from the conversational to the theoretical and back. It isn’t as polished as the Argonauts, nor as emotionally compelling, but still an interesting, […]

  • Review: Nelson’s Shiner

    Shiner Maggie Nelson This year, I finally came to grips with something pretty fundamental about my reading interests – I don’t really care about prose. I care about ideas, and characters, and plots. I care about history, personal development, and inspiration. But I do not care about a formal experimentation. I don’t care about clever […]

  • 2015: My Year In Books

    I set two reading goals for 2015 – to read fifty two books for the year and to have fifty percent of those books be by women. Unlike most of the other goals I set this year, I actually accomplished both of these.I’m pretty happy with that. Now that I’m a dad who almost never […]

  • Review: Nelson’s The Argonauts

    The Argonauts Maggie Nelson If you’re interested in parenting, gender identity, committed relationships, theory, love, sex, motherhood, queer theory or just gut wrenchingly good memoirs, you really should read Maggie Nelson’s the Argonauts. Conceived as a set of vignettes, the book tells the story first of Nelson’s marriage to Harry Dodge, a gender queer artist […]

  • Totals for the Week Ending 8.30.2015

    Run Miles for the week: 42.4 in 7:12:40 Run Miles for the year: 995.6 Projected total run miles for the year: 1495.4 Weekly/Daily Average to reach 2k miles 58.5/8.4 Run Streak: 0 Did I hit every session of 18/55? N What did I miss? One easy recovery run Runs that were one stupid mile: 0 […]