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  • Training Totals for 3.21.10

    RECAP: The Good –Beautiful weekend here in the nation’s capital. I did a twelve mile long run this Saturday in under two hours. I felt strong throughout and think that I’ll probably be using cliff shot blocks as my on the run nutrition from here on out. The Bad – While my running was strong […]

  • Training Totals 3.14.10

    RECAP: Crossing the line between working out less than five hours a week and more than five hours a week is big. Most anyone can work in less than five hours of exercise into their week without too much trouble. More than five hours – that means you’re giving up other shit. This week, I […]

  • Training Totals for 2.21.10

    RECAP: The last week of catch up for these totals. This was my second week of twenty miles and damn it felt good to be running that much, and (because I am in NY for the month) running on the familiar turf of Prospect Park. When I first started running many years ago now, I […]

  • Help Me Choose My Marathon Plan

    So I am trying to come up with a solid marathon plan and have been looking around at various plans online as well as in Hal Higdon’s book. Right now, I am leaning heavily towards the plan on the New York Road Runners site for the “basic marathoner”. I like this program because it has […]