Lewis’s The Fifth Risk

The Fifth Risk
Michael Lewis

I’ll read anything Michael Lewis publishes, even the minor works, like this one that examines what happens in the institutions of government when the new leaders not only disdain the institutions, but are also entirely incompetent. A brisk narrative telling celebrating the important of bureaucrats, and the power they hold, and how attacking them, without a clear plan for what to do instead is foolish and dangerous.

A lot of Trump era D.C. books are fearmongering and unhelpful, this one is neither. There’s real insight here in how government works, and how it could be better. Worth reading for that alone.



Michael Lewis

Review: Lewis’s The Money Culture

The Money Culture
Michael Lewis

I love me some Michael Lewis, and I have confessed here before a pleasure in the business tell all book. Michael Lewis wrote one of the genre, Liar’s Poker. This collection of pieces written right before and after Liar’s Poker is all right, but not his best work.

I have a high tolerance for bad writing if I am interested in the subject manner, but even I had a hard time getting through some of the early pieces in here about the excesses of Wall Street or the inherent stupidity of American Express. Perhaps Lewis had to get all this poor sophomoric writing out of his system before he could write decent sophomoric books. If Money Culture is what it takes to get to Moneyball, so be it.

Don’t bother with this one, read Liar’s Poker and his book on baseball Moneyball. They won’t change your life or deeply inform how you relate to the world, but they are more worthy of your time.

Not Recommended.