Training Totals Week Ending 8-8-2013

A gorgeous week in the mountains of Vermont has come to an end.  Now I am back at my desk, watching the sunset over midtown.  It was fun while I lasted. 


I didn’t hit fifty miles for the week, but I did get in some serious time on my feet including a decent eight mile hike, to and around Moss Glen Falls and a shorter three mile affair around Stowe.  I couldn’t have asked for a better week.


The author with backpack and waterfall.

The author with backpack and waterfall.

This week, it is back to the pavement, and more miles.  I’m feeling good about my running right now, let’s hope it stays that way through the fall.  

The Numbers.


Run: 38.5 in 6:20:44
Bike: 0
Hike: ~11.5 in 4:45:00
Total Time ~11: