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Me (in just about a thousand words)

I was born into a middle class Irish American Catholic family in Bridgeport Connecticut in the 1970s. I grew up mainly in the small town of Rockville, Connecticut in a family with a mother, a father and two sisters. I … Continue reading

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1000 Little Memories: The Gamelan Player

New series of very short posts recounting specific moments in my life. I was living at Post St. in San Francisco, a punk house of some renown. We had tons of people staying their all the time. Bands, friends, and … Continue reading

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Lessons From Re-write

When my dad was a young reporter, he used to be a stringer for the New York tabloids. He’d work a story, get it down in his notebook and call it in, reading it (including all punctuation and paragraph breaks) … Continue reading

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How I Read 52 Books A Year

My goal, every year, is to read 52 books. Here’s how I do it (as randomly illustrated with pictures from the Wire): 1. I prioritize reading books. I endeavor to read, at least for a couple of minutes, everyday. I’m … Continue reading

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1000 Little Memories: Here’s My Jimmy Breslin Story

Here’s my Jimmy Breslin story: I was working at the Center for Constitutional Rights on a campaign to stop the price gouging of collect calls from prisoners and I was pitching every single columnist in New York City to cover … Continue reading

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I have No Taste: Thoughts on My Less Than Authoritative Book Reviews

There’s something ridiculous about these books reviews. They’re short, for one, and rarely contain any original insights. Indeed, for many of them (especially those dealing with classic works), they tell you next to nothing. My goals in writing them are, … Continue reading

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Tales from the Hound: Some Memories of Encounters I’ve Had Riding Greyhound Buses

  I am twenty years old and moving to California by bus. There are four of us going all the way to California — three African American dudes from the city and me. We chat a bit here and there, … Continue reading

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