Training Totals 4.25.10

RECAP: 41.5 miles. Over six hours on my feet. That, my friends, is a lot of running. The goal for the week was 43 miles, but life got in the way (wedding venues!) and I had to cut the Saturday run really short. Whatever, I’m still proud. This is the most miles I have ever run in a week. It’s nothing compared to the 70 – 120 mile weeks I know a lot of people put in, but for me, it was a serious milestone.

The long run this week was pretty brutal, I had a lot of tightness in my shins for the first couple of miles and then was just exhausted the last four or so. I even had to resort of the some walk break. But whatever, I got it done.

This long run was also the first twenty miler I have run since my aborted attempt at the Marine Corps Marathon a couple of years ago. I ran that twenty miler, got injured, and then didn’t run the marathon. Hopefully, that isn’t going to happen this time around. I do have some pain in the top of my foot and the area is a little red and irritated. After extensive googling, and poking at it, I don’t’ think it is a stress fracture or a tendon issue. I think it might be bruising from having my laces tied too tight. At least I hope that is what it is. I’ve been so diligent with my training, I don’t want anything to stand in the way of this marathon.

Anyway, here are the numbers


Work out streak: 116 days; (256 to go)

Run Streak: 68 Days

Average Weight – 184 (same as last week)

Running Miles: 41.5 miles in  6:23:28 for a 9:15 pace

Row Meters: 0

Bike Miles: 0

Swim Miles: 0

Body weight exercises and balance work: 0

Total exercise time: ~6.5 hours

Weekly Data:

Monday – Ran 3 in 26:47

Tuesday – Ran 5 in 44:42

Wednesday – Ran 4 in 34:32

Thursday – Ran 5 in 37:18

Friday – Ran 3 in 26:41

Saturday – Ran 1 in 8:00

Sunday – Ran 30 in 3:25:28

Goals for Last Week:

1. Increase long run to 20 miles – DONE!

2. Increase weekly mileage to 43 miles – FAIL

3. Pay attention to my daily weight and what I am shoving in my mouth and hopefully lose a pound. – FAIL

4. Exercise for at least six hours. – DONE

Goals for Next Week:

1. Pay attention to foot and make sure this isn’t a big deal.

2. Pay attention to my daily weight and what I am shoving in my mouth and hopefully lose a pound.

3. Increase mid week run

4. Exercise for at least six hours.

Training Totals for the week of 1.24.10

RECAP: Well, better last than never, here is the recap of last week.

There were some highs and some lows this past week. I met my most of my goals this week. I worked out everyday; I made my miles; and I made my hours of exercise goals. In addtion, I hit a goal I wasn’t even really trying for, I did 100 push ups in a single sessions (broken into four sets of 25). I feel pretty good about that, and I’ll try to stay at that number for a while and work on my pull ups. Ideally, I’d like to be doing 100 push ups and 50 pull ups three times a week. So, lot of good news, but some set backs as well – I wasn’t able to incorporate cardio into every workout. Why? Timing.

Here is the problem: I am strictly limited in how much I can run, so if I want to do cardio, a lot of it has to be at the gym, but my gym closes at ten pm, and there are some nights when I am not home by then (I know, life sucks).

The Solution: I NEED to work out in the mornings, if I don’t get up and get to the gym in the morning, I am not going to be able to do cardio every day. Period. So, the main goal for this week is making sure I get up and workout before work every day. That’s not that hard, right? Well, we’ll see. Anyway, here are the numbers.


Work out streak: 24 days; (341 to go)

Average Weight – 188.5

Running Miles: 12 in 1:50:21 average pace: 9:12

Row Meters: 10,000 (6.2 miles) in 45:02

Bike Miles: 6 in 30:00

Swim Miles: .75 in 35:00

Body weight exercises and balance work: 50:00

Total exercise time: ~4:50

Weekly Data:

Monday – Swam .75 in 35:00

Tuesday – Ran 4 miles in 36:54

Wednesday – 100 Push Ups!; 30 pull ups in 27:00

Thursday – Ran 4 in 36:05

Friday – 100 push ups!; 35 pull ups in 25:00

Saturday – Ran 4 in 37:22; Bike 6 in 30:00

Sunday – Rowed 10K in 45:02, various balance drills and random pull ups

Goals for Last Week:

1. Increase mileage to pathetic, but necessarily reasonable 12 miles DONE

2. Work out every day, with everyday having a cardio component, pull ups and pushups being supplementary this week – FAIL

3. Increase total exercise time to at least four hours – DONE

Goals for Next Week:

1. Increase mileage to pathetic, but necessarily reasonable 13 miles

2. Wake up every morning and work out before work.

3. Maintain total exercise at least four hours.