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  • Training Totals Week Ending 8.3.2014

    Run Miles for the week: 25 in 3:44:24 Run Miles for the year: 619.3 Projected total miles for the year: 1046.5 Run Streak: 7 Number of runs that were one stupid mile: 0 Number of days until I beat my old run streak: 107 Prospect Park loops for the week: 2 Prospect Park loops for […]

  • On Running Everyday

    Yesterday was a tough one. Monday night, the little dude refused to sleep.  He woke up at midnight, and again at three, and again at four thirty.  Object permanence, they say. When my alarm went off at 5, instead of getting in a quick mile before heading out to travel to D.C., I hit snooze. […]

  • Friday Inspiration: More Run Streakers

    Still thinking about running streaks, still working on my own (3 days!).   Here’s a couple fo videos of people who’ve been at it a bit longer: Charles Holmberg who, when they filmed this cheesy short for a local TV station had also been at it for thirty years. According to the USRSA website his […]

  • Extra-Ordinary Effort

    I had it all planned out.  I’d quit my job, start a foundation to fund the political projects I believe in.  finally get to take structure Hebrew classes, run a hundred miles a week, go out and spend a month in Hueco climbing every day.  Get another degree for fun.  It’d be great. But alas, […]

  • A Plan for the Holidays

    Eighty hour works weeks, buying a condo, traveling for the holidays. Excuses, excuses, excuses.  E-fucking-nough.  I’ve got to get a regular running and studying routine going, and its got to happen now.  To help that along I’m taking a page from Runners World and doing a little holiday streak challenge.  I’m committing to running and […]

  • 100 days and a marathon battle plan

    100 days I got up this morning, and like I have done every day for the last 100 days, I ran. It was just three miles in a muggy Washington D.C. morning, up the 16th street hill and back down. I didn’t went without headphone and thought about my race this weekend, about the time […]

  • 50 Days

    First, I over slept. Then, I had to work late, but finally, late last night, I headed out the door for five miles and reached little mini milestone. I had run fifty days in a row. I know streaking is a controversial topic in the running community. People think running distances of less than three […]

  • Training Totals for 3.21.10

    RECAP: The Good –Beautiful weekend here in the nation’s capital. I did a twelve mile long run this Saturday in under two hours. I felt strong throughout and think that I’ll probably be using cliff shot blocks as my on the run nutrition from here on out. The Bad – While my running was strong […]