Review: Labbe’s Loquela


Carlos Labbe

Bolano-esque, but more formally experimental and less enjoyable (at least to this pleb).
Like many such literary affairs, it’s plot, such as it is, centers on a love story. Of course, one of the lovers is a novelists, struggling to write. There is much discussion about the nature of writing, digressions into literary movements, real and imagined, discussion of who controls the novel, the writer or the reader? There is also a sort of who done it aspect involving two albino girls and their imaginary world.

It was all a little much for me.

I find the older I get, the less patience I have for the formally experimental. Through a couple of curveballs at me, sure, I’m game, but attempt to interrogate the nature of narrative art?

Sorry dude, I’m tired.

Not recommended.