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  • Running is a Cruel Mistress

    I am not as young as I think I am. I get injured too often to make any real progress. In the last two years of my taking running reasonably seriously, these are the two things about myself that I have repeatedly failed to understand. I’ve gotten into a bad pattern where after injury, I […]

  • Training Totals for the Week of 10/9/2011

    RECAP: When I started running seriously last year, I was training for the Vermont Marathon. My mantra when I dragged myself out in the snow and cold that winter was “respect the race”. At that time I had run one marathon, badly, and I didn’t want to do that again. So I rarely missed a […]

  • Heading North

    Traveling today for Rosh Hashanah, but I got out and got in a silly one mile run early this morning before work. As I push my way back to being in shape over the next couple of months, keeping up the running streak and writing here regularly are going to be important. As I said […]

  • Training for the week of 8/21/2011

    RECAP: Once again lately life has gotten in the way. I wasn’t running well, and the lack of running lead to a lack of blogging. Isn’t it always the way? After a pathetic 25 miles  last week, this week was much better – 50 miles in six runs. I’ll take it. Alright, the numbers: Summary: […]

  • The BQ Questionnaire: Lance H

    Give us the vitals: Name: Lance H Sex: M Age (at the time of first BQ): 41 Height (at the time of first BQ): 6’1″ Weight (at the time of first BQ): 173 At which marathon did you get your first BQ? Tell us a little about the race. Baystate, 2010.  I needed a 3:20:59.  I […]

  • 2011 Goals

    As I wrote about earlier, I have mixed feelings about 2010. It was by far my best year for running, but it was also not all I was hoping for. I set PRs at every distance, but I didn’t break four hours in the marathon, and it looks like I won’t run 2,000 miles. Whatever. […]

  • Training Totals 6.27.2010

    RECAP: Another week of running disappointment. Again, I started off strong and ended weak. I am getting in really good runs during the week when all I have to do is work and run, but the weekends, which have been a series of massive social commitments have foiled my plans to return to a decent […]

  • Training Totals 6.20.2010

    RECAP: This week started off well enough and then fizzled in the face of massive scheduling conflicts and hotter than hell weather. On the plus side, I have really been extending my weekday runs, which is going well. Many days this week I got in more than six miles, and on Wednesday I really started […]

  • Training Totals 6.6.2010

    RECAP: Not the world’s best week, people. I came off last week’s marathon excited about how much my running has progressed in the last six months and basically ran right into an injury. Since the marathon, I’ve been having some pain in my left ankle whenever I run, sometimes its pretty bad, sometimes it is […]

  • The Battle Plan

    After consulting the sages at running ahead* I am starting to piece together my plan for running for the rest of the year. In a sentence, what I plan to do is slow down my runs slightly, increase my weekly mileage significantly, and race more. I hope that by doing these three things I can […]