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  • Friday Inspiration: Transvulcania

    The international ultra running session starts in earnest this weekend with Transvulcania, run on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. There is a really great group of runners there this year (check out irunfar for interviews with Dakota Jones, Emelie Forsberg and others). I’ll never run an ultra as fast as these […]

  • Friday Video: Sally McRae and Western States

    It was 34 degrees my morning run which is way too goddamn cold for late April. Still! Summer is coming, and with it, the marquee ultra running events. I’m super excited for this year. A whole new crop of talented runners are on the rise, including the fascinating and talented Sally McRae, who placed 10th […]

  • Friday Inspiration — Rob Krar on Depression

    The videos I post on Fridays are often inspiring because of the physical talent and hard work they display. This video of Western States champion Rob Krar discussing his battles with depression is inspiring on a whole other level. Sure it features Krar flying past tourists as he climbs in and out of the Grand […]

  • Hardrock

    The Hardrock 100 is widely considered one of, if not the, hardest 100 mile race in the United States. It is surely the most beautiful and also wonderfully eccentric.  Organized by a bunch of rocket scientists (seriously) and mountain weirdos, entry is determined through a complex lottery that rewards those who have finished the race […]

  • The Barkley Marathons

    The Barkley Marathons is* an ultra marathon held in the mountains of Tennessee every spring. It was featured in this award winning documentary (available on netflix) and has fascinating me for years. In its full form, the race consists of five loops of twenty miles each run through unforgiving Frozen Head Park.  That the sixty […]

  • Friday Inspiration – Yurt Dwelling Ultra Runner Fantasies

    Ever have one of those months where you’ve spent so much time in the office that you start to forget what the park looks like?  Where you’re barely squeezing in a run on a treadmill late at night? And suddenly while you’re eating dinner at your desk you find yourself watching a video of a […]

  • Park Legends: Luis Rios

    Park Legends: Luis Rios Park Legends – An occasional series of posts on people I see often on my runs in Prospect Park. The first time I saw Luis Rios in Prospect Park, I wasn’t sure if he was a runner.  Louis has a longish beard, and was, if memory serves, wearing jeans and a […]