When I’m not running around in circles like a goddamn idiot, I am often reading. Here’s a resource page for my book related writings.

Books Reviews — In August of 2015 I set a new rule for my reading. If a book was worth the time to read, it was worth the time to write a review. You can find those reviews and many of my other book related writing here. 

Book Nerds — In addition to being interested in books, I am also interested in those interested in books and do an occasional series called Book Nerds. You can find those posts here. By far the most popular of those posts is the one I wrote about artist and serious bibliophile Richard Prince.

Digging in the Stacks — I also occasionally write pieces abut strange and interesting books and their history.  You can find them here. The most popular of those is one I did on the infamous leftist track False Nationalism / False Internationalism.

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