The Bridges Project

Inspired by the great ultra runner Phil McCarthy, I thought it would be fun to run the pedestrian accessible bridges of New York City.

According to Phil’s count*, there are 92 runnable bridges in the five boroughs. I made a map of Phil’s list which you can see here. I plan to run them all and document the process here.

Phil did a really great job on his bridges project writing informative and interesting posts on each bridge.  If you want information on the history of the New York City Bridges, or their technical specifications, your best bet is to check out his blog. ** My posts will be  about my personal adventures in getting there with some tips on how to access the more difficult to figure out pedestrian walkways.

Anyway, here are bridges I’ve run since I started this project in April of 2014.

1. Union Street Bridge 

2. Carroll Street Bridge

3. Third Street Bridge

4. Ninth Street Bridge

5. Hamilton Avenue Bridge

6. Manhattan Bridge (and again)

7. Brooklyn Bridge

8. Williamsburg Bridge

9. Pulaski Bridge

10. Queensboro Bridge

11. Verrazano Bridge

12. Willis Avenue Bridge

13. Madison Avenue Bridge

14. Greenpoint Avenue bridge

15. Grand Street Bridges 

16. Hunters Point Avenue Bridge

17. Borden Avenue Bridge

*Phil only lists 91 on his website, but that because on one occasion he counted two bridges as one when they were very close together and not very interesting. Phil only counted bridges that spanned natural waterways, and did not count bridges in restricted or pay to enter areas (such as the Bronx Botanical Gardens or Fresh Kills on Staten Island).  I am generally going to follow Phil’s list, perhaps adding or subtracting some bridges as I go.

** Other sources for information on pedestrian accessible bridges in the city include the  defunct blog “The Bridges of NYC”  and the New York Department of Transportations super helpful bridges page.

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