Right now, running is the great passion of my physical life.  I have spent a lot of time researching and reading about the sport, from following the discussions on 5k training on letsrun to researching the so called “running cult” divine madness.  Here is a selection of interesting resources for the running obsessed, don’t forget to check out the jock roll for even more running resources.

Running Generally

Running Ahead – In my opinion the best message boards on running, a number of very fast runners are regulars.  Highly recommended.

Letsrun message board – For the truly obsessed, including high school track nerds and guys who worry about what kind of socks Galen Rupp wears.

Logic of Long Distance – Excellent blog on running and philosophy by a sub-16 5k runner who happens to be a professor of philosophy.

100K Lifetime Miles – Amby Burfoot’s inspiring blog chronicling those who have run over 100,000 lifetime miles.


Irunfar – The best all around news source for ultra running.

Divine Madness – a group of spiritual people who enjoy running or a cult? A selection of newsarticles and resources are here.

Riding the Wind – Leadville winner Anton Krupicka’s blog.

A Big Horse – Michael H (aka Dopplebock)’s great blog on his ultra running training.

Fumbling Towards Endurance – The blog of Geoff Roes, winner of  Western States and the Iditarod trail run.

I Run Mountains – Pro ultra runner Nick Clark’s blog

The Fruitarian – Michael Arnstein is one of the best ultrarunners in New York City.  He also follows the controversial “fruitarian” diet.  A website well worth checking out.

Long Distance Voyager – Phil McCarthy is another great New York ultrarunner who maintains a very informative blog on running New York.

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