The Boston Qualifier Questionnaire – Most Viewed Responses

This page collects the top ten most viewed responses from “average” runners who’ve filled out the questionnaire. Top answers from pros and legends are collected here.


Laura (Frayed Laces)

Kristy (Run the Long Road)

Janae J (Hungry Runner Girl)


Candice S

Stephanie T

Jane (50 State Canuck)

Lauren R

Jennifer B

Dari W


Tim T

Abe M


Darrell R

Doug O

Greg R

Chris H

Bash Z

Jeff E (Logic of Long Distance)

Jason B

A note on this list – these responses have garnered the most views for a whole host of reasons — the runner may be very well known, the response may have been featured in an article, or the runner may have been one of the very early respondents. Collecting these here doesn’t mean that all the other responses aren’t worth while as well. We can definitely learn something from everyone who has taken part. 

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