Your Occasional Stoic

A page collecting my idiosyncratically annotated quotations from the great works of Stoic literature.

as part of collection, Roman Art from the Louvre, currently on display at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. BY JIM BECKEL, THE OKLAHOMAN ORG XMIT: KOD

The Meditations, by Marcus Aurelius

Book One

1.1 Decency and Mild Temper

1.2 Integrity and Manliness

1.3 Marcus on His Mom, and Staying Clear of the Habits of the Rich

1.4 The Private over the Public

1.5 The Distractions of Fandom

1.6 – The Camp Bed, the Hide Blanket

1.7 Avoiding the Taste for Rhetoric

1.8 The Same Man

1.9 Wearing Learning Lightly

1.10 Manners Make the Man

1.11 Caprice in Absolute Rule

1.12 We’re Always “Too Busy”

1.13 Friends, Teachers, Children

1.14 The Emperor and the Martyrs of the Empire

1.15 Self Control and Resistance to Distraction (and again, differently)

1.16 From the Father: Hard Work, Modesty 

1.17 Poetry but not A Poet. 

Book Two

2.1 Greeting the Morning

2.2 Throw Away Your Books, Despise Your Flesh

2.3 Cast Away Your Thirst For Knowledge

2.4 Clear the Mind, Time is Running Out

2.5 Live Every Moment in Duty

2.6 Who Decides Your Worth?

2.7 Be Curious, Not Reactive

2.8 Knowledge of Self

2.9 True to My Nature

2.10 A Hierarchy of Bad Acts

2.11 You May Die Today

2.12 Only Children Fear Death 

2.13 Pity the Gossiping Neighbor

2.14 The Present Moment Is the Same for All Men

2.15 Beyond Opinion There Is Nothing

2.16 To Worry About Any Particular Event Is To Revolt Against the General Law Of Nature

2.17 The Duration of Man’s Life Is But An Instant

Book Three

3.1 Understanding and Intelligence Often Leave Us Before We Die

3.2 Scarce Anything Connected to Nature Will Fail Give Him Pleasure

3.3 Unsullied by Pleasures; Unscathed by Pain

3.4 A Radical Empathy

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