I’m interested in the study classical philosophy and history, especially stoic philosophy and its political ramifications.  From time to time, I post selections from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius here with my own annotations. You can see those and other posts on stoicism here.


I’ve been profoundly effected by the Meditations and have read it in a number of editions. My favorite being the Hays translation. Also worth checking out are the Hammond and the Haines (available in the Loeb edition with facing Greek pages).

General Online Resources

Here are entertaining or diverting online resources on the classical world.

A Don’s Life – Mary Beard, one of the world’s best known classicists, maintains this great blog on life as a brilliant, leftist, don.

Ancient and Modern Olympics – The name says it all.

Rogueclassicism – Probably the most active blog on classics, good luck keeping up with the output of this one.

Lexicity – A great resource on ancient languages.

Classical  Timeline – A new and interesting website building a timeline of the classical world.

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