Divine Madness

Divine Madness, or “the Community” was (or is?) a group of spiritual seekers and ultra runners based in Boulder, Colorado and/or New Mexico.  The group is lead by Marc “Yo” Tizer and has produced a number of accomplished ultra runners.  They garnered a lot of mainstream attention in the early 2000s when member Steven Paterson dominated the Leadville 100, and member Mark Heineman tragically died while running Across the Years.  Since then, the group has faded into obscurity.

Below is a list of articles on the group.  I am actively researching the Community and have had the chance to speak to a number of former members. If you have any further info on the group, please get in touch at miloandthecalf at gmail.com.  All communications will be kept strictly confidential.

“Death of a Runner…” – New York Times article on the death of Mark Heineman

“Spiritual Community in Reserve is also Ultra-running Powerhouse” – Article on Divine Madness and their Arizona retreat

“Divine Madness” – Newsweek article on Divine Madness

“Run Ragged” – Daily Camera article on the death of Mark Heineman

Divine Madness” – Sports Illustrated article on Steven Paterson and Divine Madness

“Running like Hell” – Women’s Sports and Fitness article on Janet Runyan and Divine Madness

“Community or Cult?” – Daily Camera article on Divine Madness

42 Miles to Enlightenment – Women Outside article on the Community

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