Eisler’s Rain Fall, Blood from Blood, and Choke Point, Killing Rain

A Clean Kill in Tokyo (Previously Published as Rain Fall) (A John Rain Novel)

A Lonely Resurrection (Previously Published as Hard Rain and Blood from Blood) (A John Rain Novel)

Winner Take All (Previously published as Rain Storm and Choke Point) (A John Rain Novel)

Redemption Games (Previously published as Killing Rain and One Last Kill) (A John Rain Novel)

Barry Eiseler

It is pretty embarrassing to admit that not only did I read four volumes of Barry Eisler’s series about John Rain, the super assassin with a case of ennui, but I also read them all in the span of a week and really, really enjoyed them. As I have said before, I have no taste.

I will say in my defense is that I was living in Cairo at the time,  a strange city, in which I knew few people. I didn’t speak the language and there’s only so much time you can spend with your colleagues from work.  These novels were a away to get through the sometimes lonely nights. They are pretty expertly executed as thriller novels with cliff hangers at the end of every chapter, characters well developed enough to care about, but not at the expense of action and sex, and multiple mini-dramas playing out while the main plot line develops.  If airplane thrillers are you thing, you can’ go wrong with these books.

Recommended for the enthusiast. 
* note that since I read these books, they’ve all been republished under different names. For some of these books, that the third renaming. Cashing in on harried business buying books at airplane kiosks? Seems kinda sketchy.

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