Review: Kurosawa’s Something Like An Autobiography

Something Like An Autobiography
Akira Kurosawa

Its funny what you remember about books. When I started thinking about writing this review the first thing I remember from this book (I read it about two and a half years ago now) was that Kurosawa sure did drink a lot.

Besides that, I remember this one as being surprisingly honest about Kurosawa’s flaws and his struggles throughout his career, both personally and creatively, with a lot of new (to me) insights into his earlier films. Kurosawa was the first film director whose works I sought out as a young film buff. I remember to this day the first time I saw Seven Samarai on PBS midnight movie when I was fifteen. I’d read about, but its importance didn’t stick with me then. It does now, and this book provides further context into the genius behind it and so many other important films. Worth a read if you’re into the man.

Recommended for the enthusiast. 

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