Review: Mieville’s The Scar

The Scar
China Mieville
I think this is my favorite of Mieville’s trilogy of novels set in the world in and surrounding New Crobuzon. I can’t say why I like this one best, I think because the monsters in Perdido Street Station were too… monstery, and the socialism in the Iron Council was too… socialist. Plus, I am a total sucker for sea stories, and this one is a sea story.

So called “weird fiction” isn’t usually my thing. I tend to like my science ficiton sciency and my fantasy… actually, with rare exceptions, I don’t really like fantasy. But I make an exception for Mieville. He is such a good writer, and the world he creates here is so captivating, that I can overlook the slightly silly nature of this genre.

Recommended for the enthusiast.


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