Review: Perkin’s Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
John Perkins

This is garbage. Worse than that, it’s dangerous.

First of all, I think Perkins is a total liar. I don’t doubt that there are people out there that make their living by betting against developing countries, and I don’t doubt that there are people who have an economic incentive for progressive third world leaders to fail. But I really doubt that the way these people ply their trade is by having beautiful blondes show young business guys (in this case, Perkins) the dark path by intellectually seducing them in Boston apartments while going around calling themselves hitmen.

Its horseshit, I’m sure.

And no, just because no one has called him a liar doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth. It means that his argument is so insanely overdrawn that serious people in positions of power do not take him seriously.

Which leads me to my next point.

This book is dangerous. It’s dangerous because it feeds into the stupid left conspiracies that keep progressive economists impotent. There is a worldwide conspiracy! They meet in dark rooms and plot our destruction! Nothing is that simple, folks, and until we give up on fairy tales and start looking at the global economy as it exists, meaning as a complicated world where many powerful people are at cross purposes and few grand conspiracies ever come to fruition we are bound to lose.

Not recommended.

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