Review: Lessig’s Free Culture

Free Culture: The Nature and Future of Creativity
Lawrence Lessig

Lessig is a law professor and one of the preeminent thinkers on open source and intellectual property in the contemporary era. This is his popular book in favor of open source software and a rethinking of the law of intellectual property. If you’re interested in these issues, you have to be familiar with the arguments in this book.

But, as is often the case with introductory type texts, if you follow these issues, you’re probably find it boring. Lessig does an excellent job of laying out the flaws in our current system protecting intellectual property*, but the book isn’t as good at answering the thorny issues of how we compensate intellectual workers in a world where copyright and patent laws are out of date and ineffective.

If you know of anything that addresses that issue, I’d love to hear about it.


* It deters innovation; often rewards those who are unable to keep up with a changing world and does not recognize the changing technical nature of the world we live in.

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