Starting Point

There are many things I love about my new apartment.  Its bigger and nicer than where we’ve been living. Its got two bathrooms! And, perhaps most importantly, the building has a gym.  I’ve been so busy last night was the first time I made it down there.  It’s a great space, I think I’m going to spending a lot of time down there.

After a quick three miles on the treadmill I did some baseline tests for bodyweight work.  Here’s the sad state of affair:

Max Push ups: 30

Max Pull ups: 6

Max Dips: 5

Max Bodyweight squats: 30

I’ve got a long way to go, but getting there is going to be fun.



About seanv2

Scholar, gentleman, jock. I run the website Milo and the Calf. There you will find the Boston Qualifier Questionnaire where runners share their stories of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. You'll also find my thoughts on endurance sports, ancient history, Judaism, and hundreds of book reviews.
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