Review: Armstrong’s Its Not About The Bike

Its Not About The Bike

Lance Armstrong

Even here, in a book that is supposed to be the inspiring, heart-felt version of Armstrong, the story of overcoming every obstacle (the poverty, the cancer, the doubters); the story of the charitable work, and the small town kid made good, even here, you can tell he’s a Grade – A Asshole. He insults those who helped him along the way and pushes those around him unrelenting hard. Those not willing (or unable) to keep up are promptly thrown aside. He all but admits to being a sociopath obsessed beyond all reason with success.

Now don’t get me wrong, Lance’s fight with cancer is inspiring, even now after everything, but in hindsight, its easier to see that his fight with that disease was part of a larger fight against the world. And while it inspiring to go all in against a deadly disease, its less inspiring to go all in against you oldest friends and supporters.

Not only is the Saint Lance mythos of this book now discounted, the book itself is not well written. Its schmaltzy, and corny and just not very good. With all the better books about Armstrong out there, this one should probably be avoided for all but the most completest Armstrong scholars.

Not Recommended.

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