Review: Waid and Ross’s Kingdom Come

Another in a long line of review written a million years ago (2007) for a now long defunct livejournal.
Kingdom Come

Mark Waid and Alex Ross

I think this is supposed to be a sort of post, post “adult” graphic novel where we come full circle from the flawed superhero back to the super-super hero. Maybe? I don’t know. I’m really not comicbook literate anymore.

Maybe I’m just not capable of getting into superheroes again, or maybe Ross’s retro superheroes-as-good-guys thing is just not for me. Either way, I not only didn’t like this, I fundamentally thought it was worth the time. Give me a Batman who isn’t just crabby, but sociopathic, and I might be interested. But good old fashion good guys? Boring.

Not recommended.

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