Review: Lynd’s the Last Spymaster

The Last Spymaster
Gayle Lynds

A poorly constructed and dreadfully written second rate spy novel.

As I have said on many occasions, I have no taste. If a book’s plot moves along at a good clip and is engaging, I’ll overlook clumsy writing. If a book is beautifully written, I’ll overlook a lackluster plot. But if a book is clumsily written and has a plot that fails to captivate, I am going to wish I never started the damn thing.

Here, the “spymaster” is unbelievable, the villain is too broadly drawn for a comic book, and the plucky young woman sidekick is too clichéd even for this cliché loving fan of the genre. While the plot has plenty of twists and turns, its construction left me unsatisfied. Said differently, many allegedly exciting things happen, but because the writing is poor and the characters badly done, I didn’t care.

Not recommended.

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