100 Days of Milo: Day 12 – the Bridges Project

As those following along at home may remember, I’m in the early days of a project I’m calling 100 days of milo where I feature a new (or improved) post or page on this website every day.*

Yesterday was day 11 and I added a map of all the runnable bridges in New York City. Today, day 12, I’d like to reintroduce the Bridges Project where I attempt to run all the bridges in New York City which are crossable by pedestrians. It’s a pretty straight forward project – follow the lead set by Phil McCarthy and explore the city through its bridges. Why bother? Because its fun, and a good way to get me out of my rut of running loops in Prospect Park.

Of course, with family and professional commitments, it won’t be easy, but it should be fun. Keep an eye on this page, and for posts titled “Bridges Project” to track my progress.


*Some of those new fangled things are new pages, which do not show up on the main page. When I’m featuring one of those, I’ll add a little note like this one

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