Book Review: Bosker’s Cork Dork

Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste
Bianca Bosker
A fun book about the world of tasting in general, and wine and sommeliers in particular. I love these sort of experiential journalism books – enterprising young reporter talks to eccentrics and experts, gives basic background to interesting subject matter, and becomes [fill in the blank]. Here, the blank is wine and our intrepid reporter studies to become a sommeliers. It’s entertaining and informative — full of wine obsessives, information on smell, taste, and oenology, and is also often legitimately funny with amusing anecdotes about what it’s like to be drinking all the time.

Not a life changing work of literature, but if you have even a passing interest in wine, or just enjoy the experiential journalism oeuvre, this one is worth picking up.

Recommended for the enthusiast.

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