Goodell’s The Water Will Come

The Water Will Come: Rising Seas, Sinking Cities, and the Remaking of the Civilized World
Jeff Goodell

We all know the world is warming, we all know this will change the way we live. Goodell’s book doesn’t break any ground there, but what is does do is give us a very terrifying, very sobering, look at what exactly our hotter, wetter, future will look like. He does this by visiting cities across the globe who are likely to be drastically affected (or perhaps even destroyed) by a warming planet and rising oceans.

Goodell is a journalist, and he wisely focuses here on the human side of this story, the people who will be hurt, the people who profited, the people who will be hurt, and the people trying to do something about it. As always, is seems, the poorest places will be hit the hardest with multiple countries in South Asia facing dire consequences. But America will not be immune. Miami is in serious trouble; in New York it isn’t looking much better.

All in all its a sobering, dark read. But there is some room for hope, New York, for one, is at least taking the crisis seriously, and while it still isn’t clear if enough is being done, or even what the right thing is, the sooner more people face the problem the better are our chances to surviving.




* If you don’t know that, you should stop reading this little review and go open a newspaper.

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