Woodward’s Fear

Fear: Trump in the WhitehouseBob Woodward

You know this one. Woodward’s latest tell all, this time about the campaign and first year of the Trump presidency.

I read all the Woodward books, largely out of habit at this point, and I weighed whether or not to read this one – I have enough trump in my life, thanks. I decided to dive in, because, well sometimes you have to look the ugly in the mirror.

And ugly it is. As someone who follows the news carefully, I didn’t learn much of anything new here, but it was still a bleak ride through the narcissism and incompetence of Trump and the sycophancy of so many of his advisers and supporters.

One moment stuck out more than all the rest for me – Charlottesville. Trump’s “both sides” comment, followed by his half hearted walk back, followed by what is reported here as Trump’s regret for walking back the comment because it made him seem weak was a deeply jarring for me. That the president of the united states could not wholeheartedly condemn the actions of the white nationalist at Charlottesville still shocks and depresses me.

All and all, a classic Woodward book of solid reporting and lots of Washington gossip. Except this time, the stakes feel higher. If this is your sort of thing, you’ve surely already read it. If it isn’t, you aren’t missing anything earth shattering.

Recommended for the enthusiast.

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