Review: Carney’s The Wedge

The Wedge: Evolution, Consciousness, Stress, and the Key to Human Resilience
Scott Carney

New book by the author of two really good books What Doesn’t Kill Us about showman and actual real life health guru Wim Hof, and the Enlightenment Trap about the tragic death of mystic lead astray Ian Thorson.

This new one, the Wedge, is an exploration of experiences that Carney thinks can assist us in breaking free the routinize life and learning more about ourselves. In pursuit of this Carney hits the saunas, throws around kettlebells, takes ayahuasca and does basically everything else a Joe Rogan style self-improvement bro would do in this moment. It all, frankly, rings hollow and fails to hold together in the way his previous books have. Both What Doesn’t Kill Us and the Enlightenment Trap were propelled by a clear narrative and a captivating character at their center. This one, unfortunately, doesn’t have either.

While I imagine these experiences were revelatory for Carney, for the reader, it comes across as following a journalist having a really interesting couple of years off a book advance. I hope next time around Carney goes back to the formula that worked for him previously.

Not recommended.

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