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  • OMA at MOMA

    Went to see the OMA Bejing CCTV exhibit at MOMA yesterday. The exhibit was only one room, but it tried ot do a lot in the small space including tying the CCTV building into the history of utopian architecture and modern Chinese development. Koolhaas is (according to MOMA at least) rethinking the important building and […]

  • Couple of quick Film Reviews

    I have been on a bit of a movie binge since leaving school. Three movies in four days and all of them worthwhile. 1. Inland Empire (David Lynch) David Lynch needs an editor. If this three hour plus feature had been forty five minutes shorter it could have been up there with Mulholland Drive as […]

  • Film Review: Cinemania

    A rather poorly done documentary about movie obsessives in New York that is worth seeing only if you think obsessives are entertaining. There were some good moments. The movie focuses on five people, four men and a woman. Three of whom are on disability and really truly mentally ill and therefor not that amusing. I’m […]

  • Film Review: Hitchcock’s North by Northwest

    North by Northwest seems a little too cold war for me now. A little too much espionage and too little of the interpersonal messiness that I love about Hitchcock films such as Notorious. Its hard to imagine what a big deal the crop duster scene must have been when this was released. Now it seems […]

  • Film Review: Aldomar’s Tie Me Up Tie Me Down

    Tie Me Up Tie Me Down is not my favorite Aldomar movie. Yes the scene with the little diver guy is pretty cute, but I’m more than a little unnerved by the lesson of the film. Kidnap women and they fall in love with you. I know Aldomar would have little time for my moralizing, […]

  • Film Review: I am Curious (Yellow)

    When I was a horny teenage film nerd, this was the holy grail of european naughty cinema. It was supposed to be arty, political and dirty. I really, really wanted to see it. Now thanks to netflix and criterion I can. Its ok, I guess as a period piece about political and sexual awakening. It’s […]

  • Film Review: Astra Taylor’s Zizek

    I saw Astra Taylor’s documentary Zizek! last night. It was a lot of fun.* I think Taylor does a good job of allowing the hilarious nature of Zizek’s public performance to take center stage without totally forgetting about the serious parts of his work. There’s a bunch of wonderful bits in the movie, including classic […]