Friday Inspiration: Hardrock

The legendary Hardrock 100, one of the toughest mountain races in the world, is underway. You can see the live coverage on irunfar twitter feed and read their extensive coverage of the race here.

This course is built for Kilian Jornet, and even though he’s barely run this year, he’s still the favorite. I’d also love to see Adam Campbell, a fellow lawyer, do well and Anna Frost break the women’s course record. But however it goes, it will be interesting. Here a great video on Darcy Piceu, last year’s winner, and Anna Frost’s main competition:

Someday I’d love to run this race, but today I’ll be satisfied with watching it from my cube.



Friday Inspiration: Western States Orginal

The grand daddy of American ultra races, the Western States 100, is this weekend. Irunfar has extensive coverage planned, which I’ll be following religiously. I’d love to see Rob Krar and Alex Varner do well, but its a long race, and there are a lot of talented runners out there. Should be a good race.

In honor of Western, here’s a video with Gordy Ainsleigh, the first person to ever run the course (when it was still a horse race). This guy is a total inspiration.

Friday Inspiration — The Injured Runner

I found this video of 15 hours in he life of Anton Krupicka strangely moving and inspiring in its discussion of a running struggling to find balance.

Krupicka is a talent runner and a thoughtful guy. Here, he discusses how injury has hampered his running career. I feel for him. Especially as it seems his youthful mistakes may have lead to the problems he’s having now, because believe me, if there is anything I know about its youthful mistakes.

Krupicka seems to be expanding his training horizons to include more climbing, skiing, and cycling. I hope it works for him, and I hope he can someday return to top form.

Friday Inspiration: Running in the Rain

The Brooklyn Half is tomorrow and, while I have a marathon the following week, and I’m battling a weird hamstring issue, and its going to rain, I’m still going to do it. This is year three for me and the Brooklyn Half. I can’t miss it.

Tomorrow should be warm, and wet. Kinda like it was during this Hanson Brooks Half Marathon training session. I won’t be running this fast, but I will be running.

Lets get wet tomorrow!

Friday Inspiration: Transvulcania

The international ultra running session starts in earnest this weekend with Transvulcania, run on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. There is a really great group of runners there this year (check out irunfar for interviews with Dakota Jones, Emelie Forsberg and others). I’ll never run an ultra as fast as these people (and I’ll almost surely never run anything in the Canary Islands) but it is a fun event to follow from afar.  Here’s a highlight video from last year where Luis Alberto Hernando, Kilian Jornet, and Sage Canaday duked it out for the men and Anna Frost, Maite Maiora, and Uxue Fraile  battled it out for the women’s podium.