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  • David Goggins Resources

    David Goggins Resources

    David Goggins has been a low level celebrity within the ultra endurance community for well over a decade, but lately, with his appearance in Living with a Seal, on the Joe Rogan podcast, and in his new book, he’s blowing up. I created this page to give people a central place to find lots of […]

  • Friday Inspiration: Nassbaum’s Morning Routine

    I’ve long admired Martha Nussabum’s work in philoosphy, now I have to admire her work-out regime as well. Should I mention that she’s 69?   She divides her day into a series of productive, life-affirming activities, beginning with a ninety-minute run or workout, during which, for years, she “played” operas in her head, usually works […]

  • Friday Inspiration — Steph Curry

    Like much of sports watching America, I’m obsessed with Steph Curry. With the Nets and the Kicks stinking up the joint, the Warriors games are the only one’s I watch with any consistency. Today I read this fascinating article about Curry reworking his court movements to take pressure off his ankles and transfer the stress […]

  • Friday Inspiration: The Olympic Trials

    The Olympic trials are tomorrow and I’m very excited to see how things play out. Of course, I’m pulling for old man Meb to do something special, and Goucher to have a redemptive performance. I’m also curious to see how Rupp does, and what, if any other dark horse candidates there are. To get you […]

  • Friday Inspiration — David Goggins

    I’ve been listening to Jessi Itzler’s wonderful Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet on my runs. It’s hilarious, thought provoking and inspiring. As everyone who follows these things knowns by now the anonymous “Seal” in the book is legendary ultra-runner / crazy person David Goggins. Goggins is […]

  • Friday Inspiration: Galen to the Marathon

    With Ryan Hall’s retirement, the U.S. lost one of its few truly great marathoners. But this week, news arrived that Galen Rupp will be trying his luck at the marathon this year. Its too early to tell if Rupp will be the next Meb or Hall*, but I’m excited to watch him race. Here he […]

  • Friday Inspiration: Farewell Ryan Hall

    There are lots and lots of great Ryan Hall videos out there, and I’ll probably post more of them in the weeks to come, but when I think of Ryan Hall videos, I think of this one (even though, really, it focuses on Josh Cox). I have visualized Hall’s stride in this video on dozens […]

  • Friday Inspiration: Hardrock

    The legendary Hardrock 100, one of the toughest mountain races in the world, is underway. You can see the live coverage on irunfar twitter feed and read their extensive coverage of the race here. This course is built for Kilian Jornet, and even though he’s barely run this year, he’s still the favorite. I’d also […]

  • Friday Inspiration: Western States Orginal

    The grand daddy of American ultra races, the Western States 100, is this weekend. Irunfar has extensive coverage planned, which I’ll be following religiously. I’d love to see Rob Krar and Alex Varner do well, but its a long race, and there are a lot of talented runners out there. Should be a good race. […]

  • Friday Inspiration — the Teacher

    With the tragic news out of Charleston, running seems must less important. Still, perhaps its worth taking a break from feeling depressed over the state of race relations and gun control in this country to watch a nice little inspiring video about a teacher who can run really fast.