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  • Review: Dewey’s Liberalism and Social Action

    Liberalism and Social Action (Great Books in Philosophy) John Dewey Ah John Dewey, oh voice of reasonable engagement with Hegel and logic. Why does no one talk about you much anymore? Perhaps because his view of government as a agent for the promotion of individual freedom and social good is too milk toast for today’s […]

  • Review: Levitt and Dubner’s Freakanomics

    Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner There are at least two ways you can read Freakanomics – as a fun and interesting little book that uses data to tell us little things about ourselves and the world. Or, you can see it as econometrics gone apeshit […]

  • Review: Mahfouz’s Palace of Desire

    One of many posts originally written for a now long dead livejournal account. Palace of Desire: The Cairo Trilogy, Volume 2 Nagib Mafouz Palace of Desire is slower than the Palace Walk. The chapters are longer, as if the pace of the novel reflected the pace of mid-life. Major event continue to sneak up on […]

  • Review: Mafouz’s The Palace Walk

    One among many reviews originally posted to livejournal. Palace Walk: The Cairo Trilogy, Volume 1 Nagib Mafouz The Palace Walk is wonderful novel.  In the translation published by the Everyman Library it is funny, biting and tragic with precise descriptions and deeply thought out characters. Though I haven’t read much of the great western popular […]